What Creates Happiness

Regardless if your bank account is plentiful or modest would you be able to maintain a life of happiness with the bare minimum. I’ve been put into a position recently where I find myself unable to write daily like I use to. It’s made me… presently disappointed but excited for the future. When I was…

Having the last word isn’t as satisfying as you usually think it is.

I’m… let’s call it opinionated. If giving your two cents, literally cost two cents I would be homeless. I think it’s due to an inferiority complex wrapped in stubborness. I’m learning to let things go. I word things more thoughtfully. Sometimes doing this feels unbearably fake. Also depending on who you’re talking to, what your…

The Power of Words.

You ever hear someone speak a hollow declaration of how they want to accomplish something? “Hollow,” and “want,” are the key words in why you know they aren’t going take the steps to follow through. My mom told me a story of how my grandma scolded one of her three children. “It’s not what you…

When in doubt, follow your instincts.

There are things I’ve dreamed of doing that I didn’t think were possible. If it scares me I know I’m making the right choice. That’s how I know I really want it. My intuition is my compass. I walk knee deep in the muck. Pushing through the shrubbery until I see what I need to….

Experiment with your reading material.

One of my greatest fears is being a one trick pony as a writer. It’s so easy to get comfortable in one style. At the same time being a jack of all traits and a master of none is scary too. I want to experiment while my brain is still learning. I just bought F….