Venom Controversy and Review

Sony announced that Venom was to become a rated R horror movie without the web head, and you could here the boo’s through your monitor. The first two movies are still praised despite the Campy dialogue and dated CGI. Sam Raimi created the first two movies out of love for his generations spider-man. That’s where the soap opera and campy feel comes from.

Spider-man 3 and the (not so) Amazing Spider-man movies were Sony’s way of beating fans over the head that they were in it for the pay day and could care less about the characters or the story. After us fans pissed and moaned. Sony finally pimped out Spider-man to Disney/Marvel Studio’s but held onto Venom. They lost Peter Parker the down and out journalist, but gained Eddie Brock the down and out Journalist. oh, I see what you did there Sony, very slick.

Well it’s out now and the results are in. It’s a three way tug of war between geek culture, Movie critics, and the casual movie goer.

If your a boy that grew up in the 90’s you know who venom is. Whether you played the video games, or read the comics. Your sister would say that he’s gross or scary then you would stick your tongue out at her as if you were Venom. In my opinion Venom was the ultimate boy’s nostalgia. Muscles? Check. Slime? Check. Big scary teeth and long tongue? Double check.

But the question is how well did Tom hardy and Sony do right by the fans. As an avid fan of spider-man I was concerned they would just say f– you to everyone and change the character into a drooling, snarling, creature with no dialogue.

Thankfully Tom Hardy gave the character a silly dark personality. Which is true to the comics. Going back to a specific comic Venom Lethal Protector which the movie is pulling from. Venom stops a purse snatcher/Rapist and smashes him against the wall. Then picks up the girls purse, and say’s “Oh, sorry We’re being rude. Hi, we’re Venom. No need to thank us.” pats her on the head and leaves. He had a pretty out there sense of humor. The line, “Let’s stack all their heads in a corner.” Is something I could definitely see venom from the comic saying. He’s like a sociopathic child. The movie portray’s that well.


Notice in the comic Venom say’s “We’re” or “us” Never I. Venom is not the suit. Eddie Brock and the symbiote have formed a bond and call themselves Venom. That’s something the movie get’s points for as well. Eddie Brock never say’s, “Venom has possessed me.” Nor turns the movie into an alien exorcist.

The action was pretty much what I was looking for. They incorporated the suit’s powers in some unique ways. When Eddie Brock makes a sharp turn on a motor cycle. The suit forms a puddle while pushing upward so he doesn’t get his leg crushed and continues to slide. Like Iron man he enjoys the adrenaline rush. But Eddie doesn’t fully trust the suit. which makes for great comedy. Like when Eddie Get’s called a “pussy” because he takes the elevator instead of jumping out the window.

The story was formulaic but done well enough you could sit back and enjoy it. It feels like a guy movie. Like wolverine. Venom’s bond is like a crazy ass bro-mance. Venom tells Eddie that he’s a loser and that’s why they make a good team. Because on his planet he’s a loser too. I don’t mean to be sexist by saying it’s a guy’s movie or boy’s nostalgia. I just saw a lot of girls rolling their eye’s walking out of theater.

Using a story line from lethal protector. Essentially the evil Elon Musk (Carlton Drake) steals homeless people off the street trying to find a match but they are pretty much consumed by the symbiotes. After witnessing first hand the disturbing length at which Carlton Drake is willing to go for his project. She reaches out to Eddie Brock who was fired from his new job in San Francisco as a journalist to confirm he was right about Carlton.

He couldn’t just leave it alone after telling the Doctor he’s done. she let’s him into the lab to gather evidence against Carlton Drake. Which is where he is introduced to the symbiote. Carlton Drake finds out that the symbiote has bonded with Eddie and he has survived. Carlton wants his property back and hunts Eddie down.

Now let’s talk about the post credit screen with Woody Harrelson. I swear to god if they don’t change that wig and they use the equivalent amount of puns as pitch perfect I’m going to light this keyboard up. Woody Harrelson in that red wig with that stupid cartoon delivery looked like the live action Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons.

Good luck getting that out of your head.

I was happy walking out of the theater. The audience was laughing at the jokes as was I. The action was sick. I even picked up a few Venom comics at Austin Comics and am hyped to go see it again. Ya did good Sony. Ya did good. I apologize.

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