Managers poor communication feels like…

When you have different people telling you completely different things it feels like your in Christopher Nolan’s inception.

“There’s an inspector coming to check if everything is presentable. So make sure that it is or she’ll give us a bad review.”

After doing as I’m told. I go up to one of my managers before leaving. “Hey, just wanted let you know everything’s done upstairs for the woman that’s coming.

“What woman?”

“The woman that’s scoping the place out for anything that’s not up to standards.” My manager just stares blankly at me. So I repeated. “The woman doing the walk through. You know, the woman!”

“Jackson there is no walk through or woman. In fact… there is no store. You’ve been in a comma since 1982.”

“Well then can some one please inform the doctor to pull the plug on me because if the best I can dream is working here. I think I’d rather be Dead.

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