People who confuse likes for sympathy on social media

This person can be spotted easily over the internet or in real life. They’ll call BS on everything as if it’s their responsibility. Your Facebook wall will be flooded by their meme’s of how strong a person they are despite the hardships for likes, or my personal favorite. “Real people don’t have many friends.” Yeah… that doesn’t sound like a cry for help.

If you know these people personally. Those hardships are caused by themselves. From being confrontational, dating scumbag after scumbag. Always getting in trouble at work because they’re smarter then their boss in their opinion of course. Sabotaging friendships. But, when they get called on their BS. what’s their response? Pouting. Then going on social media and becoming a keyboard warrior.

At first you might feel bad for them, or maybe even fall for what they’re saying. If you’re in a similar predicament you might even think they’re cool in that cliche angsty kind of way. If you really listen to their tough talk. You don’t have to read between the lines it’s completely transparent. Once someone hits their 20’s or 30’s and are still acting like the kid who wears jean jackets, ditches class and smokes cigarettes in the restroom stall because their parents are getting a divorce. Guess what? You’re not cool any more, your stunted?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to sound callus, like I’m poking fun at people with problems. But in life who doesn’t have problems? There’s a reason these people don’t reach out in a healthier way. They more then likely came from dysfunctional families and don’t understand how. So instead they lash out.

Nas made a brilliant song called 2nd childhood. That’s mentally where these people are at. In psychology you have to over come certain stages to get to the next one in order to move on. If it was instilled in your mind that your ugly, and you never find it in your self to love what you look like. Then you’ll be haunted by it for the rest of your life. If you come from a family that argues and screams and you enter into a relationship. Never learning to control your temper or communicate without being argumentative. More then likely you’ll continue to carry the torch until you learn to deal with it.

I hope that if you know a person like this, tell them or share this with them because if they were as tough as they say they are over the internet. They wouldn’t be airing their dirty laundry for likes, hearts, and sad face emoji’s. Turning pain into clickbait is only entertainment for people who want to see you fail.




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