Left vs Right has to END!

I’ve got friends on both ends, and Y’all are exhausting. Of course we can’t just agree to disagree. People take it far enough to wish death on somebody over their belief’s.

It’s bad enough the back and forth and trolling is on every single platform we consume. What’s worse is that it’s the most nonsensical and petty gibberish I’ve ever heard coming from grown ass supposedly intelligent people. (shout out to all the news networks) It bares no resemblance to what’s actually going on in the world at all. Go to any comment section of any political channel, ad, video, etc. There’s not one mature conversation that’s actually trying understand the points being made by the other side.

I’m not so self righteous that I won’t admit to taking part in it because I have. Politicians are like cripple jokes at this point. Cough, “Sarah Palin.” You gotta wonder if they cry themselves to sleep, or like the old Greek gods do they feed off the people’s energy. Putting their palms on the television while speaking in tongue. “Yes, say my name! Love me, hate me, just keep me relevant!”

Divide and concur was developed long before America was conceived and will remain a tactic amongst politicians until we nuke each other out of existence. If anyone is even reading this I implore you to put poli-tricks a side and use common sense. Read between the lines. Because now more then ever we need to make it clear. They are not in charge of us. They represent us.

There is a reason right wing news channels hire, or invite the craziest liberal they can find. So that every one on the right has something to point at. “See how crazy they are.” Then the left counters that using the same tactic. Then they have some sort of Brady Bunch style little boxes filled with progressives and conservatives screaming over each other. Meanwhile you have more news scrolling by in the bottom of the screen being over looked. Wonder why are attention span is so short?

Every single president since I’ve been alive from Clinton to Trump has been called Hitler by an opposing party. Do Americans truly have such a limited understanding of history? That they can only use one symbolic character from the past to represent a president. I’m pretty sure they’re using the face of a monster as a scare tactic. Which is what everyone is doing right now in the form of click bait.

We’re at the same pool party, in the same pool… and you’re all pissing in it. It’s the 21st century and the only thing that’s evolving is technology. Let today be the day that we unite! so that these greedy corporations and politicians don’t make off like bandit’s in the night, while we argue with one another.



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