Did Dragon Ball Super: Broly Meet Fans Expectations?

I’m a die hard Dragon ball fan. I have been waiting for the this movie for months. However I have been waiting for this experience from the Dragon ball franchise for years.

Dragon Ball Super teased us with many cool villains and new worlds but left something to be desired. At first I thought it was just aging. I hadn’t seen it in so long, I thought maybe it didn’t live up to the standards of more mature anime’s that I’ve grown to love. So I watched my Kai DVD’s and realized the show stopped parodying pop culture, and instead satirized itself unintentionally due to terrible writing. It wasn’t until future trunks arc where collectively fans felt, “Okay, we have a proper villain. He’s taken casualties and caused are heroes great strife. His cause for murder and chaos stretch beyond pudding. The fights get you pumped up. Dare we say Dragon Ball Super has caught it’s stride?”

This movie ends after the universal tournament arc. The amount of time that’s passed is undetermined. It opens with a preview of life on planet Vegeta. I was really hoping for more, but what I got left me satisfied. The story of Planet Vegeta’s invasion in the show was done using a flash back. “Frieza! We don’t work for you any more. got it?” Then boom. Obviously there was more, but It correlated to the present day story to give you empathy for Vegeta before he dies. Not giving any time to explore.

In the retelling of this event Bardock is a kinder warrior then portrayed in the show but maintains the swagger of a brute. Also I don’t believe he was in the manga at all. This retelling also introduced Goku’s mother for the first time ever. I’m assuming no one reading this read my DC’s classic Trio blog. But basically I’ve grown to love Superman comics. In this movie Goku’s sent away in similar fashion to Kal El. Bardock states, “I’ve destroyed so much, I’d like to protect something.” He has a sneaking suspicion of what Frieza plans to do. So Bardock sends Goku to earth. “A planet of little value.” Thinking Frieza wouldn’t find a Saiyan there. The last thing his mother say’s to Goku is, “Don’t forget us Kakarot.” The audience knowing Goku get’s amnesia from head trauma meeting his Grandpa Gohan is just such a beautiful send off for Goku.

Paying homage to the original Broly movie we Find King Vegeta discussing what his sons future legacy will be. He becomes alarmed when scientists tell him that Broly’s power level is off the charts. Now in the throne room Paragus is questioning the Kings decision to send his son to a Desolate (repugnant) planet. Paragus stole a ship to save his son and they were stranded there for many years.

In the original movie they stabbed Broly leaving him and Paragus to die, in what looked like a junk yard. Right before Frieza destroyed the planet triggering Broly’s legendary power he summoned a force field around him and his father, transporting them to another planet.

This movie ties everything together with so much care delivering the ultimate experience to Dragon ball fans. From the manga Frieza was initially suppose to be pink they made the decision to portray him as such in the movie. Going back to it’s parody roots. You saw space ships with hyper drive. If you look closely you got 1 or 2 characters from Yo Goku OVA. The before mentioned, “Don’t forget us Kakarot.” Making Broly and Gogeta canon. After decades of Dragon Ball series, movies, OVA’s, etc. It gave you a sense of how far this universe has expanded and continues to expand.

There’s two more things I want to mention. Visuals and the fighting. In Dragon Ball super the fandom was incredibly displeased at how much the art suffered. There was clips in earlier episodes that were so rushed a fanboy could have done better. Even after it was corrected people still don’t like the computer look. I’m one of them. Dragon Ball taught me how to draw. I will always love the hand drawn look. This movie has blessed Dragon ball with the most stunning visuals Dragon Ball has ever had. Your eyes will have orgasms. They have digital backgrounds with what looks like hand drawn characters. You feel the intensity of the fights through the characters eyes.

The fighting was… spectacular! My biggest complaint in Dragon ball Z, and Super was the lightening fast jabs and kicks. That’s cool demonstrating how fast these characters are and all but it takes away from the fact these characters can destroy planets. Not to mention the fact the rapid fire fighting is purely so the studio’s can reuse animation. One punch man demonstrates the perfect artistry of physics in anime world when it comes to explosive punches. There was audible gasps when Broly was thrashing his opponents. You could feel how heavy he was. The angrier he got the more massive he became. Which led to Goku, Vegeta and friends having to counter more creatively. Not to mention Goku has new powers to explore. Sorry you’ll have to see it in theaters like the rest of us. No spoilers.

Goku was always a hero of mine. He inspired me to never give up. In Z he started to mature showing acts of heroism by showing mercy to even the most ruthless of his enemies. In this we get a Goku who maintains his childish sensibility while demonstrating acts of kindness. He feels that Broly is truly not a bad guy and tries to calm him down. However that doesn’t stop him from giving it his all. As well as enjoying the fight. These are the reasons Football players have tattoo’s of him and hip-hop artists rap about him. He brings the best out of people in the show and in real life.

This movie demonstrates what I hope to see from Toei and Funimation when Super is brought back. This was the pinnacle of Dragon ball Super. If you don’t believe me. The movie got a round of applause at the end.

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