Virtual Identity Crisis

I’m stuck in a place where I have a lot of ideas but when executed feels forced. Maybe it’s the tiny old man inside my brain shouting. “Even a pulp writer in the 1920’s who wrote about gorgeous space woman from mars would declare you a hack!” If you’ll bare with me. I thought I’d just jot down some ideas for what I’d like this (whatever, “this” is) to become. The future of jacksontheory will become more fictional short stories which are tie-ins of an expanding universe that takes place in a series of novels and comics. Giving you origins to character’s or worlds I’ve created. Some of them may just be practice writing that turn into something later on, or maybe they float in cyber space. Who knows?

I only have a handful of followers, which is neither here nor there. I have this website solely to put myself out into the world. Forcing myself to feel obligated to write more and more. I’ll probably continue writing a lot of motivational Blogs. Just something to remind myself of where I was and where I am. Hopefully it motivates a reader or two? wouldn’t that be nice?

While I’m at my 9 to 5 I think all day about these ideas for stories. In my head it plays out like a movie. Then when I get home I write two solid paragraphs. I think, “That’s it?” It seemed like I had the whole story in my head. 8 hours this story was rolling around in my head! Two fucking paragraphs, and half a page of notes? So I turn to YouTube and seek advice from professional authors. Watching George R.R. Martin with envy in his voice ask Stephen King. “How the fuck do you write so many books, so fast.” Ohhh that tickles me pink. Then George R.R. Martin questions himself. “Here I think I’ve had a really good six months because I’ve written three chapters.” If this great writer who is compared to J.R.R. Tolkien can doubt himself and has a man inside his brain shouting “You suck!” Then maybe, just maybe, I can ease up on the self deprecation and invite a little confidence in myself. I could only wish that confidence would kill that tiny man who shouts negativity into my brain

There will be less reviews because those are just poor excuses to churn something out. “Oh, I know! I’ll drop a hot review about Punisher season 2. (crickets) Surely they’ll be riveted to know it’s faster pace and less family drama. Making it more resemble the true character then season one. Though while not sticking to source material in any way. The tone…

“Hold on, hold on a second! Are you giving a quick review after just saying your reviews are nothing but a lazy attempts to find something to write about. That your non existent audience can relate to?”

Bro, I’m a comic book fan and the show was awesome.

-This is the plan for the next few months. I’m going to write a short horror story called Metamorphosis. Which takes place in a fictional town called Wormwood which is located in Michigan. It’s an origin story for a comic book character who is a shape-shifter.

-Then I’m going to write a short story about two brothers and their hunt for Atlantis. I call it, wait for it… The Hunt for Atlantis. Maybe quest instead of hunt or maybe just Atlantis. It’s a work in progress. One brother is a man of logic and scholarly achievement. The other is a miscreant and a sailor.

-After that adventure is a medieval political satire which using an archaic kingdom gone mad and collapsing reflects how not only politics hasn’t changed but citizens remain undeveloped as well.

I feel really good about what’s happening. I have been listening to Edgar Allan Poe Complete works from Audible. There’s not an ounce of fat in his writing. I hope one day I can come close to that pin point accuracy of what I’m trying to convey.

Thank you for reading my ramble. If you like my work please share it with your friends via social media.


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