Be Uncomfortable

In a world where the Government says pizza is a vegetable because it has tomato sauce.  When you go to the movie theater and they have a bar with recliner seats. You get off work and go home to your 4k smart TV. Which has all kinds of apps for streaming services. Where you can watch 1000’s of TV shows and movies on. You can use your voice activated game console and virtually be an alien on another planet doing whatever you like. What ever you like except kill children. which is an actual fuss in the community. Download the latest app which tells you how to tip a waiter, learn another language, finds you a significant other, or a cheap date. On said date you can listen to any song in existence on your phone. Which connects to your car, so you can listen through proper speakers. Why would you practice night and day at something you love?

Even if your poor you still have a flip phone. Granted you may be embarrassed about it, but you have several privileges. We are currently living in a great time period for lounging.

Have you ever looked through Netflix options then found a movie or show you wanted to watch. But kept looking and would go back to that one if you couldn’t find something better. It’s no wonder everyone is entitled. when you have so many escapement options.

I was raised Catholic. Unfortunately so was the kid that got molested at the church my parents would attend. I quit going to church when I was eight years old. Those few years would instill constant guilt for basic things probably until I die. I believe this was the first antidote for my work ethic and politeness. Burning forever sounds too metal. As a metal fan 7 consecutive hours of someone screaming about government collapsing, death, demons, and an ex-girlfriend is exhausting. So I can only imagine until the end of time would be more of a bummer. That line in the usual suspects. “I don’t believe in God, but I’m certainly afraid of him.” That about sums up my high school years.

The next was being broke. I know I made light of it earlier. But it’s not easy. When you have to take the bus which is always late. Making the manager angry. You have to use food banks. Because your negative twenty five dollars.

When I was younger I would do anything to get out of Arizona. Anything. I got a job at a hospital as a house keeper, or “Environmental Services Employee,” if you were ashamed to admit you cleaned large quantities of urine and vomit for a living.

My mom works three jobs and my Dad works seven days a week. If I chill too much I feel anxious. I have to constantly be doing something productive. Doing nothing is my favorite hobby. Yet I can’t enjoy it anymore. I did as a teenager, but now I have a little voice in the back of my head shouting each passing minute.

Being a minimalist saved me a ton of money. Sure your friends are pissed off cause they have to sit on the floor, but who needs negative people anyway. If they don’t like eating with their hands, let them leave.

Never stop adjusting and evolving. Complacency is the enemy! Look at politics, the people you work with, people your friends with. Does it seem like time is flying by but nothing is changing. Embrace change. Like it or not nobody wants to be the person typing 25 words a minute next to the guy typing 100.


If you like this please share it with your friends via social media. ‘Quest for Atlantis’ a short adventure story is currently being outlined. I’m behind schedule on some things but that will be published when it’s ready. In the mean time I leave you with this. It has been a while since I’ve published.



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