Mia is sitting in a closed coffee shop that she manages. Waiting on James to show up. James is her soon to be ex-boyfriend. Not a bad guy. They get along great actually. Why the break up? Mia finally has the opportunity to use her college degree. She was offered a position as a manager in a start up software company in Boston. Where she lives now is Arizona.

Mia sips her coffee rehearsing what she’s going to say in her head. She even went as far as to give James Dialogue. Predicting how he’s going to react. “We’ve been dating for four months now, which is quite a while.” She squeezes her temples with with her thumb and index finger. “God, I’m talking to him as if he’s an employee I’m about to fire.”

“Alright, just be direct about it. He’ll be happy for you.” Doing a sarcastic impression of him in her head. “Wow, congratulations! That’s really exciting. I can’t wait for you to move away and make twice the money I do. Leaving me is the best thing you can do to cripple my spirit.” A heavy sigh comes from the bottom of her stomach hoping it’ll relieve the butterflies.

Headlights beam into the window. She squints and puts her coffee down. The lights go off and she see’s James get out of his car. She stands up to unlock the door for him. They give each other a quick peck before he wraps his coat around the chair. “What was so urgent?” Mia starts with what she rehearsed in her head. She thinks to herself. “Just be quick and direct.”

“Remember when you said I should make use of my degree, and stop procrastinating. These teenage girls can be bossed about by someone else.” He nods, “So did you find something?” She nods back and gulps. I got a job in Boston and I’m gonna take it.” James furrows his brows, trying to word his thoughts, but he’s stumped. “I, don’t know what to say.”

She picks at one of the scratches on the table she never noticed before. “You could say you’re happy for me?” He leans back in his chair. “I could say that, it would be partially truthful. I was hoping you’d look around here. I feel like you just dropped a bomb on me.”

“I know this isn’t ideal but it’s a really good opportunity. I really do cherish the time we’ve spent together. This is my future!” He throws his hand up. You didn’t give a shit about your future. Even though you’ve hated these teenage girls since you started here while getting your bachelors. You didn’t even try to look for another job two years after college.”

“I was overwhelmed. I didn’t think I was ever going to cut it. But you made me believe in myself. You gave me confidence to go out and find something that adds fuel to my fire. I don’t want you to hate me. I want you to know that you’re a good person and I really care about you. This is huge. My salary… I’m sorry.” He breathes deeply through his nose and exhales.” James raises his palms off the table. “I don’t hate you, and I am happy for you, really, I am. I just really care about you, now your leaving, and it hurts. I don’t know what else to say.” They sit for a brief moment in silence waiting for the other to make a move.

James stands up and grabs his coat. He cusps the back of her neck and kisses her on the forehead. “I guess this is goodbye.” He unlocks the door and Mia stands up to give him a tight hug. James walks to his car and she locks the door behind him. She grabs the cup of coffee and throws it in the trash. “I guess this is goodbye.” She repeats in a whisper.

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