Never enough caffeine for an unfulfilling job.

On my two days off I experienced possibly the most satisfying mini vacation I’ve had all year. It’s spring time in Texas, and I haven’t shot any footage over the past six months. I thought I’d break out the camera.

I honestly forgot how much fun it was to run around and get pictures and footage of things you’d never stop to appreciate. I felt like a kid. There was this giant beetle by this drain that I approached cautiously after seeing the movie IT. I got as close as I could to the beetle so that it wouldn’t run away. I got it in crisp 1080p! Why would anyone want a close up of a beetle you might ask? I did it mostly to challenge myself. The beetle squirmed around a lot making it difficult to focus on.

I was trying to capture a theme with most of my footage. That theme was spring. On this road by my house there’s a field of blue flowers. I took a lot of rack focus shots, and close ups, and wide angles. To acquire these angles you have to get down on your belly, or crouch down. To make a long story short. I rolled around in flowers for half the day like a dirty hippy. It was incredibly pleasing to the four year old girl in me.

I felt really good about how the photos came out. But you can never quite tell until you look at them on your computer. I’d say 75% were usable. In my book if that much of it’s usable it was a good day. Considering I haven’t been behind the camera in so long. Sometimes you think you captured the perfect moment, angle, etc. Sometimes I try and experiment then I remember I’m not as prolific as I thought I was. Plus if you’ve watched Cloverfield you’d know sometimes less is more.

“I got this idea man. It’s never been done before. It’s about this guy, who has colon cancer. So the whole movie is just audio. The audience hears his charming personality throughout the day. But visually the they’re watching the cancer grow via colon cam. Cause cancer is like, sad. Ya know? Until he has surgery then they cut it out and he survives. So, like, what do you think?”

“I think I can speak for the entirety of Warner Brothers when I say you’re going to live a long life waiting tables.”

Then around 10:00 o’ clock at night I remember I have to go back to work tomorrow. It feels like someone stuck a syringe into my skull and pumped melancholy into my brain. The forced politeness. The co-workers who pretend they’re managers. The sheer fact knowing 60% of my life is spent at a place that could careless about me, and could replace me with a chimp.

Theirs not enough caffeine, nicotine, or beer on this Earth to undo a long grueling day of thankless labor to make you forget your fueling a machine with time you’ll never get back. But, there’s hope yet! That’s why I dedicate the other percentage to things I’m really patient about so that one day. I can make a career out of it!

I’m not ungrateful for the job I have now. (I am.) I understand that it puts a roof over my head, and food on my plate. But when you find something that puts a fire in your belly, and what your doing makes you happy as well as your clients or readers, whatever your occupation is. It’s truly satisfying and fulfilling. It makes a clock in clock out j-o-b pale in comparison.

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