Give every word intention

A writer has my utmost attention when his words flow like a classic symphony. when I read someone’s writing it really makes a difference when they put thought behind the intention of each word. It’s the equivalent to an artist who sketches a photo realistic portrait. The closer you look at all the finite details it puts you in a state of awe.

There are exceptions to this. If I’m being honest with myself I haven’t mastered this yet. I  rush what could be great, making it subpar. The exception in my opinion is dialogue. If a character is a drunk, uneducated, or enraged, the writers duty is to portray that character in a realistic fashion. Stuttering, verbal pauses, etc. When your trying to make your writing stand out as if it’s poetry written for an enlightened individual and one of these characters enters. You’ll look at the dialogue and feel like everything you just set up comes to a crashing halt. Which works to your advantage. When you meet someone absurd, that’s generally how people perceive them. So it helps with the tone.

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