Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines!

I’ve treated this blog with spontaneity. I’ve formed a schedule now though. Monday and Wednesday are my posting days. Monday is just little motivation to help remind you to strive for greatness. As a pessimist I find those are more for myself then anything. It keeps me in a positive state of mind. Wednesday’s or as I now affectionately call them Writing Wednesday’s. I give advice on the subject or I simply write about my personal experiences with writing.

The point of all this is to buckle down. If you have a problem with procrastinating then I suggest you get a calendar and schedule a reasonable deadline for your projects. Inquire how much research this project will take. How fast are you at writing? Do you have a clear vision of all three acts? Take a seat, and start taking notes. If every writer only wrote when they were inspired libraries would be empty. Deadlines put a clock in your brain. When you think to yourself, “meh, not like I’m getting paid for it.” Your internal clock will be ticking away in your brain. Everything you try to enjoy will be ruined by the infernal sound of that brain clock. Along with the real clock you have on your phone.

You are correct, you’re not being paid to write the next great American novel, but If you are really passionate about what your doing you will treat it like you would your actual job. My suggestion would be to set a timer on your phone. Give yourself a certain period of time to focus on what needs to be done. Take a quick break. Might I suggest avoiding the death trap of social media. Then set it again. Then repeat. It really made a difference for me. Usually when I sit down to write I just a had this huge idea that needed to be write down!!! The next thing I know I have sixty pages of notes I have to shuffle through and it’s all cluttered. So I have to skim through them to find what I need. Next wed. I’ll touch more on that.

Let’s rewind before I manically got all artsy and spontaneous for my latest and greatest idea. If I had an idea I would structure my time for each task. I would take an hour to write the synopsis for the story. Just flush it all out. So I don’t lose any details. Then I would structure another hour for taking notes on these characters. Going to baby name websites to look up characters names. If they’re Irish you’d look up Irish names. Some of the baby websites even tell you the meanings. Which is kind of a hidden gem I like to do. Nobody notices but sometimes it can be a fun foreshadowing. For example I posted a short story called Mia. She was breaking up with a guy and moving away. Mia… also an acronym for Missing in action. but I digress. Then you’d focus on what comes next. Set the time, and the process would continue until one day your Novel is in the homes and hearts of your newly enthralled fans.

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