“We are the imaginations of ourselves.”

Welcome to Motivation Monday!

As we go through our own lives we have experiences that sway from negative to positive. We meet people who add fuel for our fire and who will piss on it for kicks. Sometimes I think to my self, “Why do I even bother.” But then I pick myself up and dust myself off. In that moment we make a decision not to give up. But why do we go to such great lengths to become a version of our selves that we see in our minds? Where did this future self come from?

In these moments of hardship when someone enters our lives and gives us something to reflect on I believe they are absorbed into our consciousness. In one way or another we want to emulate their positive attributes to some extent. I really want to know where this non existent me came from and why he compels me so.

Are we just collected data over the years. Experiencing things that make us happy so we continue towards these little sparks in our lives? Forming this absolute version of ourselves in our mind. The Bible says we are made in the image of God. A friend of mine who is Christian told me, “There is no such thing as heaven and hell, it’s internal. When you lead a righteous life you feel good. You feel uplifted. In art Heaven is always above the clouds or in the sky. When you lead a life of sin, you’re depressed, you feel down, or heavy. Where is hell? Under the earth. It’s all metaphorical.”

Just then it happened again. Another piece was added to the puzzle. I was one of those pretentious people that thought religious people were dumb. I’ve always dismissed it. I was wrong for that. There is wisdom in everything. You just have to analyze it without bias or ego.

The thing that interests me is when these moments occur. We never try to be exactly like that person but we try to replicate their behavior from the root. So that we can be ourselves still, or our ideal self. maybe we are becoming closer to God in our own little way. Maybe it just feels good. Maybe we recognize that our goals are so big that with our current mind state, these goals would never happen. So with one foot in front of the other we start to walk. As we pick up momentum we start to sprint. Before you know it you got electricity in your veins and you no longer wish, hope, dream or pray that you could be this version of yourself. After years of perseverance you finally filled those shoes. Don’t stop now!

Every Monday I’m going to have a little motivational something or other to put a little pep in your step. Follow me on twitter at @jacksontheory. Follow my blog directly, like, and comment your opinions below. I hope you find something to smile about today, and every other day.

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