Wormwood main character

Zoey Bennett is a reluctant superhero. I say reluctant because unlike most characters from comics who are hit with radiation and decide I’m off to buy a leotard so I can fight crime in disguise. She was born with these abilities and practiced daily how to adjust her physical strength to appear normal. When she was a child Zoey noticed how frail humans were. Her parents made Zoey hide her powers because they knew humanity was not ready to meet the first alien to touch base with humanity. When ever Zoey’s parents had conversations they would talk about it and her father would repeat the George Carlin joke. “Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, JFK all said we should love each other. Bang! I guess we’re not ready for that yet.” Then the argument was over.

All it took was one phrase for their daughter to be taken away. “Threat to national security.” When a girl can bend steel like aluminum and generate and focus beams of plasma from her body at will. That’s sure to land on someone’s radar who would love nothing more then to take away her freedom and possibly dissect her. Zoey’s parents aren’t taking that chance.

Zoey’s parents referred to her as special. They meant it in the sense that she made their lives more meaningful. In her mind Zoey has always interpreted it as if she’s a disabled child. Instead of getting her to speak and be social like someone who is Autistic. She was taught to suppress her emotions and control her powers. That way she got to experience all the pleasures of normality she wouldn’t find on Gaar her home planet.

planet Gaar is clouded in debris from a world war. She was sent to earth to experience things like hope, happiness, love. None of which exist on Gaar. There is no chance of the war coming to an end. Even if the war ceases it would be centuries to undo the damage it caused to the planet.

Zoey Bennett is 16 years old, present day in the comic. She is attending High School in Wormwood Michigan. She isn’t popular but she isn’t considered a loser. like most blue collar females in the Midwest Zoey is quite sassy and doesn’t seem to filter anything she says. (Which makes her a lot of fun to write.) She stays away from sports at school but exercises her abilities on her parents land which is in rural Michigan surrounded by trees. Giving her some freedom to be herself.

Zoey was forced to use her powers time and again to protect the one’s she loves. It all started the day she met a boy named David. He is the text book definition of a nerd. No friends, keeps to himself. His life is made to be a living hell by kids at school. His parents encourage him to try and make friends but David has given up and has no interest in the kids at school. He plans on graduating high school and moving to a city. He dreams of having conversations with people who have culture.

Who is this character inspired from?

Many people actually. It started from being a fan of Marv Wolfman’s Starfire in New Teen Titans. After watching the first season of super girl and feeling like there was a lot missed opportunities I made the choice to create my own female Superhero. But one of my all time favorites is Peter Parker. His mundane complicated life merged with epic superhero antics makes him the ultimate blue collar, down to earth superhero. I wanted to take that approach. I also love Stephen King books. He also plays with our everyday reality and makes it fantastic. I gave Wonder Woman a shot after watching the movie and was impressed. I went out to go buy a couple comics and was impressed even further. Her modern approach is my favorite. I love the battle ready warrior.

I’ll get more into this character and post a few pages of the script after I put it into novel format making more of a palatable read. That’s what I got for Writing Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed!

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