The Alchemist: by Paulo Coelho

The alchemist: A Fable about Following your Dreams is a book recommendation for Motivational Monday. I listened to it while working today using Audible. It honestly presented a lot of poetic stories and mantras that applied specifically to me. I’m sure everyone else felt similar to how I felt in certain parts of the book. Making it all the more powerful as well true.

It starts out with a boy who is a Shepard. He is well read which surprises a lot of people. He eventually meets a girl and they share stories. She asks, since he is capable of reading why he cares for sheep instead of something more intellectual. Throughout the book he meets numerous people. Not all of them good but they directly or indirectly lead him through his journey.

It was his dream to travel, but for the same reason we all tell ourselves he didn’t. The boy meets a gypsy and an old man that falsely led him to Africa to find a treasure. The gypsy gets her money for a vague guess, and the old man gets 1 of his 10 sheep. He goes off on his adventure. Unfortunately they duped him. He was scared because he was in a country where he didn’t speak the language and not enough money to return. He thought positive to calm himself down and felt like it may not be perfect but he is for better or worse traveling.

For every experience he has on this adventure, there is a lesson to be learned. From losing everything he was forced to live his dream of traveling. From there he met a glass merchant who gave him a job. For a year the boy would come up with various ways of making the merchants shop more successful. The merchant thought that it was just the changing times that made his customers dwindle, but it was his lack of innovation and passion. The boy had enough money to go home and buy even more sheep, but he didn’t. He gained more then money from this experience. With new confidence and the realization that he could rebuild himself to be even greater from where ever he is. He set off to pursue his treasure.

One of my favorite lines in The Alchemist is where the boy talks about his heart. He says that he can’t stop thinking about the girl he left behind. “His heart keeps him up at night and is making him anxious.” The alchemist tells him, “Even though his heart hurts it is still alive.”

This book takes cliche things like listen to your heart and follow your dreams, and it shows you that it’s feasible. It takes discipline and courage along with support to water your dreams each day, Little by little you’ll see them grow. Before you know it you’ll live a fulfilled life.

I highly recommend The Alchemist: A Fable about Following your Dreams by Paulo Coelho. It definitely is a book you’ll pick up again when you feel discouraged. On a side note my boy Jeremy Irons killed that narration.

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