Becoming Super Issue #1

Gaar, a planet in it’s prime consisted of powerful legendary warriors. Through the eyes of their solar system neighboring planets considered those on Gaar to be born perfect at birth, Gods even. Having superior strength, speed, stamina, could defy gravity, generate plasma and use it as a weapon or create life. These beings didn’t need technology to survive their environment. They lived comfortably in tribes surviving off the planet’s resources.

People on Gaar think of the planet as a living conscious being. They came from the planets essence, and when they die they’ll return to it. They’ve been given a universal power all beings have which is intuition. The population of Gaar believes intuition is the planets conscious reaching out. They are a small part of the planet. What white blood cells are to the human body. They are to their planet. They protect Gaar and it provides necessities to sustain life. But they are humble enough to understand Gaar itself is a molecule in comparison to the entirety of the universe.

One day Gaar had visitors from a planet that resigned in another quadrant of the galaxy. These were beings with incredible telepathic powers. These visitors heard rumors of these perfect beings on planet Gaar. It was ordered that they send the most powerful telepaths to steal the teachings of where their powers stems from, so that they too could be considered perfect beings whose mental capacity and physical omnipotence rivaled the most powerful beings in existense.

At first glance the people of Gaar can be perceived as passive. They were warriors only by nature surviving off the land. In their belief the smallest organism contributes to the natural order of the universe, and that must be cherished. Anyone arrogant enough to believe they have ascended beyond the natural order of the universe was perceived as a threat once they stepped foot on Gaar, and are annihilated immediately. Once the telepaths agenda was discovered, they were eviscerated including the space craft they arrived in. The people of Gaar carried on as if nothing happened. Something did happen. When those telepaths got into close enough proximity they planted seeds inside the people of Gaar’s minds with out them being aware.

The seed grew over time. Their was an uprising in people who went against the law of nature. Over time these sins grew and the people of Gaar not only lost their way, but were now in the midst of a world war. Slavery, genocide, prostitution, torture. Gaar is crumbling under the pollution from massive explosions around this war torn planet. Radiation consumes all the soil making it impossible to grow food. The skies are burning up. Creating intense and irrational storms. It’s hot where it once was cool, and ice cold where it once was warm. Those handful that maintain their belief knew the corruption had reached the consciousness of the planet. Their power diminished and they had fallen into depravity. They relied on science now.

These people can no longer reproduce naturally. To sustain life they have discovered a way through the process of cloning to keep their species alive despite natures attempts to depopulate them. There was a man who led Gaar against a tyrant named lander. He is no soldier nor a proper general. He survived 30 years as a warmhearted man on a world colder then the planet furthest from the sun. Two hundred years ago he would be an artist, or philosopher. He inspired a large enough population to fight for a freedom which most can hardly remember. One man’s idea of a better world ignited the fuse in people’s hearts to push back against the hate and tyranny. His name was Cole

Cole was the first person on Gaar in many years to have a child naturally. At the age of thirty the woman he loved died giving birth to his first and only child. He spoke with a scientist about a ship to send her far away. “But sir, the fight?” The scientist pleaded. “My child will experience the joys of life. She will find love, passion and hope. I will see to it. But I need you to keep this a secret. The truth is, this is no war. It’s planetary genocide from that goddamn maniac Lander. The surface of this planet has been bombed to the extent that even if we managed to win this war. This planet would most likely be unsustainable. The soil is corrupt from radiation. We can no longer breed. The storms grow stronger. I’m afraid this planet is trying to do away with us, and start over. Your a man of science surely your data will speak for itself.” The Scientist shoulders slouch and his jaw hangs in surprise. Some part of the scientist thought he was stupidly naive.

The scientist regains his composure. “I’ve already analysed every statistic for myself. I didn’t want to be the one…” Cole smiles knowing that one person has shared this heavy burden. “Thank you, for keeping this knowledge private. I need to know for myself, is there any possibility for us to turn this around.” Cole asks. “I will spare you the bleak details. We have 28.41% chance of survival on this planet. even if the war stops.” Cole looks down with a somber expression on his face. “This is why I ask that tomorrow when the soldiers and I head out you will stay behind, and prepare that ship for my daughter.” The scientist simply nodded, placing his fist over his heart. An old tradition meaning promise.

The scientist hesitantly, asks, “Why do you fill their heads with these powerful ideals if there is little hope.” Cole laughs. “Hope is neither a lie nor the truth. Hope is what we make it. I believe if a man is not willing to fight for righteousness he will die a thousand semi deaths in his lifetime. His final moment of clarity will be most haunting. Even facing the apocalypse one must keep their humanity because in those times, truly the only thing of value is one’s righteousness.” The scientist asks, “What will you call her?” Without hesitation. “She will have her mothers name, Zoey. Her mother will live on by her name and genetics.”

That was last time the scientist heard from the man who against all odds wanted the last glimpse of his life to be fighting for a better tomorrow. Before he left the leader asked that the scientist give his daughter a tablet with a collection of his writing stored on it to give her an idea of who and where she came from.

From baby Zoey’s pod. Robot 221 inspects her through the glass. 221 is an operating system copied from the ship placed into an android to care for the babies physical requirements. 221 places its hand on the glass and tilts its head. “Warning, warning!” an Artificial voice belts out. Zoey starts to cry. Robot 221 removes his hand and swipes towards the front of the ship. Pentagons the size of pixels expand. Revealing what’s in front of the ship.

After traveling through space at light speed Zoey reached her destination. Earth was in sight. She’s now speeding towards land using the planets gravity after passing through the atmosphere. Just before the ship crashes into this acre of land. It begins to glow purple and stops itself. Hovering over a near by house. The metal steams after burning up during the fall.

A beam of generated light bursts from below the ship. The UFO is shaped like every saucer from a 1950’s science fiction movie. A couple rushes out of the house. The husband with a toothbrush dangling and no pants. The wife in a night gown. Neighbors aren’t preview to the strange phenomenon due to the flying saucer being low enough that it’s guarded by the wood’s tall trees.

Out of the light, robot 221 walks out with it’s hands in the air to show it means no harm. Baby Zoey’s pod hovering behind 221 as it walks towards the couple. The husband jumps in front of his wife. “Wha’ the hell is tha’.” Sam cries out. Victoria reply’s. “It looks like… a flying saucer.” She steps forward slowly. “Wha’ ‘re you doin’?” Tooth paste drizzling down Sam’s chin. “Will you spit! I don’t think it wants to hurt us.” She puts her hands in the air as well to show they have no intention of harm either.

Sam shouts, “What’s your reason for being here!” Robot 221 steps to the side revealing the pod behind him. The pod releases oxygen out of the tank as the lid rises. Baby Zoey’s lungs echo to Sam and Victoria. “It’s a baby.” Victoria says. 221 lifts Zoey up and as Victoria approaches 221 hands Zoey to her. “Hold on a minute.” Sam interjects before she takes the baby. He pulls Zoey back and sets her in the pod. “We need answers here, okay?” Is this a human child? Where did it come from? The robot points to the night sky. “She’s an alien?” 221 nods. “Do you speak?” Robot 221 shakes it’s head. “You do understand though?” 221 nods again. “Good.” Sam says.

Victoria steps in. “Are you staying on this planet?” 221 Shakes it’s head. “Where will you go?” Robot 221 presses it’s chest piece. It’s core turns red. 221’s hand gesture simulates a mushroom cloud. “You’re going to self destruct?” They speak at the same time. 221 nods. “You can’t just hand the kid off to us and commit suicide. Someone has to claim this kid.” Sam exclaims. Robot 221 picks Zoey up from the pod holding her toward them. Victoria takes Zoey and bounces her. Robot 221 turns away and proceeds back into the beam of light. Sam catches it by the arm before it leaves. “Hey! You have to leave this kid with… with, I don’t know the legal process, but she can’t stay with us. You came out of a God damn UFO! I have no idea what’s happening! Does she have allergies?!”

Robot 221 points at Zoey. Then raises it’s finger towards the stars. Next 221 mimes being hung by a noose. Victoria attempts to understand what the robot’s saying. “This babies, home world…” 221 nods “…is dead?” 221 shakes it’s head. “Dying?” 221 shakes it’s head. “She specifically, would be murdered on her home world… if she remained? The robot gives a thumbs up.

Sam and Victoria remain silent looking at Zoey with absolute sympathy knowing how confused she’ll be growing up. Baby Zoey intimately looks back at them smiling. Meanwhile 221 grabs what looks like a incredibly thin slab of glass from her pod, but is actually the tablet with her fathers collection of writing. Robot 221 gently grabs Sam’s wrist first, placing his hand on the tablet, which glows red. He grabs Victoria’s hand next. It glows red again. 221 holds the tablet to Zoey. Looking at the slab of glass confused, but after looking at the two humans that will affectionately call her daughter she grabs the tablet. It blindingly shines green then fades. Robot 221 walks towards the beam of light successfully completing his mission. “Wait! Does she have a name?” 221 nods and points at the pod. On the side is a name carved with some sort of laser. The word slightly resembling English looks like it reads Zoey. “Her name is Zoey? 221 nods then continues towards the light. “We have more questions!” Sam shouts. Victoria holds Zoey tight and kisses her. Robot 221 looks at both of them as intimately as a machine with lenses for eyes can, and gives them two thumbs up. While walking into the light. The ship flies off using hyper speed. A trail of blurred after images followed the ships course for less then a second.

As they walk in the house Sam says glumly. “So, we’re just going to ignore the fact our little friend back there just one upped the terminator’s suicide by giving two thumbs up.” Sam’s wife turns around baffled by what her husband said. “Out of everything that took place within the past twenty minutes. That’s what boggles your mind huh?” He gives a slight shrug. “Not the android that was beamed out of a UFO in our backyard that delivered an alien baby. The Terminator 2 reference is what hits home, is it?” Deflated he repeats his shrug. “I was just trying to break the tension.” Victoria takes her free hand and places it on his cheek. “Good save.”

Sam ruffles around in the attic looking for an antique crib his mother in-law gave them on their wedding day. Meanwhile Victoria is at the store getting baby formula and diapers. Sam put Zoey in a guest room they cleared out. He pushes the crib into her room. He places her inside. She giggles and Sam smiles back. “You like that? Good. Now go to sleep while we figure out how we’re going to handle the next 18 years. Be a good girl. Okay?” He shuts the light off. Then turns them back on. Sam’s not sure what he thinks he saw. He turns the light off once more. Zoey’s eyes are glowing lime green. He turns it back on and then off. He hears Zoey giggle but is transfixed on these two glowing eyes staring back at him. “Whelp, that’s gonna haunt my dreams tonight, possibly forever. Good night my little glow stick.”

End of Issue: ONE

This is a rough transition for what was intentionally supposed to be a comic book I’m writing. As of right now I don’t have the money for an artist. So I thought I should at least promote what I have. It probably would have been easier to just publish it in script format but it makes for a very clunky read in my opinion. Stay tuned next Writing Wed will Part II will be published.

I really hope you guys enjoy this. If you did please share with your friends via social media. Follow my blog directly or through twitter @jacksontheory. Also hit the like button and comment your opinion. Thank you!

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