Utilizing passion to feel alive. (If you’re in a slump.)

I’ve noticed my posts with the exception for my Becoming Super stories, have been kind of a bummer. My mood hasn’t been that great. So I thought, “what can I do to change my mind set.” I went and saw a movie called The Biggest Little Farm. It was amazing. This woman who is a chef wanted to create an all natural farm with her husband who happens to be a camera man. Which means the ecosystem would have to balance itself out. It was really inspirational. They would solve each problem with nature. They had snails eating the trees. Coyotes killing the chickens and the roosters. Gofers would also kill the trees because they would eat the roots. The guy who helped create all this ended up getting cancer so they had to do it on their own.

But turned everything around by using the natural cycle of life. They had 100 ducks on their farm, coincidentally ducks eat snails. When the ducks poop and urinate it’s great for fertilization. Weeds were eaten by animals. Dogs would protect the chickens and the lambs. The coyotes would then go after the gofers. Everything worked itself out. “In time, with a lot of work. It will feel like surfing. You’ll just ride the current.”

That really hit home. I’ve been trying work on myself for a long time. Sometimes I can just take a deep breath, and tell myself it will all be okay. For the most part I’ve had a great life. But there are moments where Murphy’s law feels like a malicious game of dominos is being played at my expense. If I take a step back and evaluate the events that are occurring. I have a habit of creating an emotional response towards things that are impermanent. Through these moments you learn through realizations. What your limitations are. Skills you didn’t know you possess. Things of this nature are imperative to grow and become what I call my ideal self. I have to admit I’m no where near utilizing my full potential. I don’t have the skill set, nor the mentality. I’m trying though. Maybe you are too. That’s why I write these Monday Motivational posts. It allows me to sit down and word my thoughts and feelings because my thoughts come at me way too fast.

The video of the rain was simply some audio I took a while back. I find it symbolic of what I’m talking about. Not every day is going to be sunshine and happiness. But these days can be beautiful or fulfilling as well.

After the movie I decide to take my camera and get some shots around the area. “You’ve procrastinated too long!” I tell myself. So I now share with you a few shots I took around various areas.





It was a fun day. If your feeling down like I was. I would suggest going out and utilizing your passion. Whatever makes you feel alive.

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  1. Ann Manatt says:

    Nice one! Thanks … feeling good for sure.


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