Auto-correct is not a writers Friend!

Spell check and Auto-correct are looked at as nifty technology. If your bad at spelling the best thing is to look it up and manually type it in. With the next go around your neurons will fire based off your consistent respelling the words or looking them up. “I remember this one!” Your brain will say. Then boom! Your grammar improves if you are consistent. For example I’m writing this on my phone and I just spelled consistent with an a instead of an e and my phone used auto-correct to correct my stupid mistake.

I went back and retyped the whole word again. I started doing this because there are words simple or complicated that I get wrong. This is embarrassing, but this is a real example. I talk about how much I love science on this site at great length. In the last post I made an error with the word ecosystem. I spelled echo system. Two different words! I published it too. Go ahead laugh it up. This isn’t a microscopic punishment I designed for myself but trial and error. That’s how we learn. If a kid keeps putting his hand on the stove. Turn it on. Bet money they won’t do it again. If your brain is a muscle, Maybe leg day isn’t the only thing you should skip.

As someone who loves to read and write it bothers me how little we want to use our brains. Corporations purposely misspell words to be cool. They try to fit in with all the text lingo. “Where r u @?” Gross. I won’t lie there’s typos on this site. That’s why I try to hit my twice a week deadline to improve. I’m no scholar, but I always aim higher each time. Bruce Lee once said. “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

If you enjoy this weeks Writing Wednesday. Please follow and share on social media. I’m on twitter @jacksontheory. Please don’t burn your children I was kidding. Also ecosystem has been corrected. đŸ™‚


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