Taking the Hit

This motivation Monday I made an edit of an anime that really changed my mind set when I was a teenager. The way I cut this was using the beat and on key words in the motivational speeches. I would of liked to really go all out but I felt this was sufficient. Most of these I made in the past were taken down for copyright issues I didn’t want to waste too much time if I wasn’t allowed to share this. Plus I wanted to move on to other projects. If your a Dragon Ball fan I think you’ll appreciate this.

In the beginning when Will Smith is talking about discipline. The video cuts between Bardock fending planet Vegeta from Frieza and Goku training. If you remember in the anime Bardock had a vision of his son Goku fighting Frieza. It pertained to what Will Smith was talking about in the sense that if we withstand the short term discomfort and build something to look forward to. It will make the future a more profitable or fulfilling one in hind sight. Bardock started the revolution sacrificing his life in an attempt to overthrow Frieza. His endeavors weren’t for nothing coming full circle his son Goku finished the job.

The next speech is Rocky Balboa speaking to his son. When I first saw this movie this scene choked me up. I think we can all relate to it. Goku was the personification of what this speech was pertaining to. Goku never accused anyone for his losses. Nor did he spend too much time dwelling on the past. He only looks forward, learning from his mistakes. Over time becoming champion in the end. It’s a struggle, but he takes the hits securing victory every time.

Grandpa Gohan speech was added because I wanted to take the video all the way back to the beginning of Dragon Ball. As a fan, it’s kind of crazy where this franchise went. A boy who wanted to get stronger to challenge himself, and protect his friends. To becoming capable of god tier strength.

Vegeta’s speech was initially much longer. Throughout the series Vegeta taught Goku about his sayian ancestry. Which was a huge factor in Goku evolving. A large part of evolution is knowing yourself.

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