My Favorite Characters to Write

I love a good under dog story. To me, blue collar types speak another language in a way. These under dog characters have a freedom and humility, the way they talk is so full of life. As opposed to a conservative business man or an authority figure. They speak very formal not elegant in any way. Their language stays within’ the guidelines. Which is not fun to write.

Another thing about the blue collar language for lack of a better term. Depending on whether that person is educated or not, the bigger context is read between the lines as well through the persons actions. Obviously everybody has some psychological twitch for why they do certain things. But to write a dysfunctional family for example their emotions are in reverse. Like a boy putting gum in a girls hair because he likes her. Writing is already like a puzzle. That type of dialogue is an intricate puzzle.

Growing up I only knew these types. So there’s a write what you know element to it. I just like the anti-establishment characters because they take chances and break rules. I suppose that’s what I mean by there’s a freedom to them.

Writing posh characters the word usage is stiff and boring. What makes them a little more interesting is their inner dialogue. There’s a thin line between narcissism and insecurity. The person will say one thing but mean another. Of course these things must happen naturally from the situation. I can’t write characters speaking in riddles. Nor can I write only two layered characters. These elements applied to certain scenes are what make the blue collar characters so much fun.

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  1. Aeron Teves says:

    Thanks for sharing this to me,

    It was a nice interpretation, but I must say that everything depends on something haha!

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