PSA for Lazy People

I dedicate this Monday Motivation to those kids who never received discipline when leaving their toys everywhere. The employee who spends four hours of his shift texting and hiding in the stall. While the hard worker gets yelled at by the manager to pick up the pace. Roommates who leave their dishes in the sink covered in food for a week. When they decide to finally do them, the bowl can be lifted by the spoon as if it was welded on. The person who waits to take the trash out and then the bottom collapses because they can’t comprehend Newton’s law of gravity.

At what point do these people stop and realize that things aren’t magically done by the secret gnomes hiding in the walls. Their lack of consideration is inconveniencing others, and stressing people out. We must stand up to these lazy, procrastinating, shit kickers! Who are slowing down everyone’s work flow or unnecessarily adding to it. We need to sit them down and explain how life works. “We’re sorry that your parents led you to believe the universe bends to your very whim. Unfortunately it does not. Here’s a book on how to be a decent human being. Don’t worry, There’s fun little pictures if you have trouble following along.

I can appreciate rebellion towards, “the man.” With that being said. You being a slob and a slacker at someone else’s expense isn’t nonconformity you’re just being a dick. If your at a job you hate, work on being an entrepreneur or get a new one. So I say to all of you who fit into the before mentioned categories. PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES, AND DO YOUR JOB! We’ll never be able to be a truly civilized society living among one another in a Utopian Star Trek harmony if people keep lowering the bar for those who have no drive or passion.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully you can relate. Like, subscribe, follow my site. You can find me at @jacksontheory on twitter.

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