Starting Over

I thought I had lost everything on my computer. My writing, my photo’s, my videos. I was livid! While at the same time sulking… woe is me. Luckily I’m pretty handy when it comes to computers and recovered everything. Then I thought why am I so precious about all this stuff. It just sits idly. Like virtual fat which breeds possible viruses. So I backed up everything that was essential and using command prompt deleted everything and started over. Because why not?

A fresh start might just be what I need. I feel life gets a bit stagnant over long periods of time. We need to get in tune with our inner nomad and meet new challenges. Comfort is for when your old. While we’re young there’s a whole lot to experience. When I was in my earlier twenties I bounced around a lot. I’ve moved ten times in the past 7 years. As of recently I’ve kind of settled down in a way. I’ve been at the same 9-5 job for a while now. I was talking to someone who recommended I go to and check out their business cards. He said that’s a must for entrepreneurs. So I did. They turned out really well. I got 250 of them for 16 bucks. You can alter the templates for a specific design.

I went door to door around my little neighborhood handing them out to anyone who might seek a video/photographer. Some people were distant. Some were nice. I didn’t have AC in my car. I was sweating profusely, but it was fun interacting with people. Normally I’m stuck in the back of a dusty stock room cleaning up after people. It opened my eyes to new possibilities of people I’ll get to meet. Who will challenge my computer/video/photography to new heights.

I generally had no expectations for this site. My only goal as a writer was to improve. I feel faster. I can write my thoughts out precisely. My vocabulary has improved. I’ve only missed a few deadlines. If I go too fast my grammar lacks, so I work at a comfortable pace now. This was important to me. To stay consistent.

Fear has stopped me from doing a lot in my life. I feel like each Blog. Every video edited. Every moment captured with my camera is taking me to new possibilities. I approached people with confidence. I’m still not perfect. But I feel I can stand among people who are in similar circumstances and feel equal. Or at the very least take things as a learning experience. Because now I know that there’s still more out there for me to understand and be apart of.

I’m thankful for new beginnings. My first thought when I believed everything to be erased was, “Oh no, everything’s gone! My past work has been erased!” Now that I think about it. Good. It should be deleted. I don’t need to hoard all of these things. There’s a reason your brain forgets irrelevant memories. So you can make space for things of importance.

Stephen King once said, “I don’t carry a note pad around because if the ideas good enough it’ll stick around.” Personally as a hypochondriac I think I’m experiencing early stages of Alzheimer’s. People have to tell me their name 17 times for it to stick. So I keep all my good ideas backed up and play with the silly one’s when I’m stuck on my passion project. If the silly ones get deleted… oh well. There’s an abundance of ideas that are probably going to end up on the cutting room floor. Just as there are a million experiences and thoughts I’ll forget about. Life is meant to be lived in the moment. So I say delete those files. Your high school playlist. Those Photo’s of your kids taking their first poop. Those pictures of friends from a decade ago. Who’s names are always on the tip of your tongue. None of that needs to be remembered. Clear space for new beginnings because you have a lot more life to live.


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