“Another day another dollar.”

This is the most depleting phrase a co-worker will regurgitate at you when trying to engage with them. I have been saying, “When I start my business no more 9-5 for me.” It’s been a year at this 9-5 job. It truly wasn’t bad. Ever since they started this new program to compete with Amazon they completely lost the essence of who they are as a company. I’ve experienced this before at Home Depot warehouse. Long story short, people walked out, were demoted or fired. All the hard work of the company’s principal foundation collapsed by greed.

Last week I posted about my business cards and I feel strongly now more then ever that it’s time for me start my business. I’m in the process of getting a new job which is why I missed my deadline. I’m still going to post Metamorphosis: Rebirth. I’ve been taking notes and outlining it. I just keep seeing flaws in everything I do. Whether I’m editing and I see that I missed a beat by three frames. I publish with obvious grammatical errors that I glanced over at midnight. I didn’t frame the shot to perfection or I barely jerked the camera despite more then likely the untrained eye probably wouldn’t even notice or care.

My greatest fear is that a client feels I robbed them. “We payed for this?” Is something I never want to hear. So I keep telling myself your not trying hard enough. Despite usually meeting my deadlines. Working full time including overtime. Trying to study my craft. It’s never seems to be satisfactory.

When I went around engaging with my community starting conversations presenting myself (probably awkwardly) even if they slammed the door in my face. It felt good. Like coming out of the closet as an entrepreneur or dare I say artist. “This is what would like to do for a living for the rest of my life!” Quite a few people encouraged me. People that I never met before in shops around my neighborhood.

A mechanic I go to has multiple businesses and apps he’s starting. I gave him my card and we started talking potential business ideas. He was really excited. I was excited. He said I’ll be in touch with you real soon. I felt great. My car felt great. It’s like the universe just formed this informative and encouraging day just for me.

For right now this is my main objective. I absolutely love what I do on this site and will strive to meet my Deadlines for Monday Motivation and Writing Wed. My main goal by next summer is to have a fully functioning business. regardless if it’s on the side and I still have to work full or part time to make ends meet. It’s too rewarding to keep postponing over trivial insecurities.

Currently I’m working on rewording the pages for this site. That way if you’re here for Mon. Motivation there’ll be a page with all of these posts. If you’re here for Writing Wed. There will be a page that presents all of my tips, experiences, and short stories. Then I will have a Page specifically for my videos that will be linked with Jackson Theory YouTube page. It will have prices for services. Then I will make a page for Photography which I’ve slowly gotten back into.

This has been Monday Motivation, I hope you got something from it. Please like, follow my site. You can also follow me on Twitter @jacksontheory. Peace.


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