Grant Morrison’s experimental writing in Doom Patrol.

I find Grant Morrison endlessly fascinating. The way he wrote Doom Patrol shows how incredibly dedicated to writing he is. Grant Morrison would cut up news paper articles until he found something interesting to write about. His other method was to use the computers spell check after writing nonsensical sentences. If anybody remembers this function it would suggest words and turn the nonsense he wrote into disconnected sentences. As an example he might right something similar to this, “nweof gdo hte sorercer.” The computer would then turn it into “whereof god the sorcerers?”

Before I move onto the third way he created this classic comic. As fun as this technique sounds. As a reader it can be pretty dreadful. Strangely enough it works for Doom Patrol because the characters are all mentally unhinged. Depressed, Multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, Etc. In a way he utilizes this technique creating fantastic psychotic dribble one might hear from a man on the street who took hallucinogens. So I tip my hat. None the less… the choppy flow irks me.

The third technique he used was called sealed writing. Every night you would write in a stream of conscious format. No matter how boring or scatological. You do that for three months straight every night. Then you go back and look for recurring themes or repeated images.

Sealed writing really peaked my interest. I think I’m going to try this. I’m still plugging away at three short stories in particular. Now I’m going to be working two part time jobs. I’ll be dedicating my weekends for writing and exercise. I’m still trying to figure out The Quest for Atlantis. I have the characters development structured but I have three different ways for it to play out. Metamorphosis: Rebirth where we’ll be visiting Wormwood Michigan once more. That will be complete by next Wednesday. Then I also have a story that pertains to mental health. That’ll be published before Atlantis.

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