There’s meaning in everything we do. (Pay attention)

Religious people would say kids smoked pot because the devil was speaking through rock music. Adding to the rebellion, some smartass kid took the record and spun it backwards. When there was a palindrome the mom started hyperventilating and called all the other moms and they started a petition. Banning records because Rock n’ Roll was the devil’s music. When in reality Pot is good, Led Zeppelin is great, and adults are stupid.

Then along came columbine creating another generation of, “my kid was normal until he started listening to Marilyn Manson and playing Grand Theft Auto.” Did you ever consider that maybe your kid wasn’t angry because he listened to metal, Rather he was angry and found music that satires the angst in which he was feeling.

Have you ever listened to the tone of someone’s voice when you asked a person a simple question. “How are you?” Their response is programmed. “I’m fine.” But when they speak they sound as if they were short of breath. Humans have neat little tricks like that. If the person is someone close you pry a little deeper because you’re concerned about them. If you don’t know them that well. You’ll just carry on, but you might treat them a little gentler the next time you connect because you know something’s not right. These are the moments that can truly change a persons outlook. But we never seem to do that. We just look at the surface.

“Well, of course the officer shot that boy. If he was listening to gangster rap. Obviously he’s a hoodlum.” It’s genre of music in the 80’s through the 90’s that kicked down the door of Middle America. To expose what life was like for minorities in the land of free.

“Well she’s a whore and a slut.” Is sex not fun? I could of swore it was used to sell just about everything? Maybe she was mislead when she was a child, and was taught the same message the girl in your beer commercials teaches the viewer. No father wants his daughter to be a slut. But that doesn’t stop him from peeking in the window of a yoga class and being wicked creepy.

“If he really wanted to kill himself he would of. He just wants attention.” If I have a friend who’s so desperate for attention they swallow a handful of pharmaceuticals, or cut them self. I’m going to grab a chair. Because I’m pretty sure they have something to say.

People do certain things for a reason. Ignorant fools write them off because of pseudo psychology or the mountain of reasons we make for being self involved. There’s plenty of excuses for people to not care about one another and that’s exactly why we’re still dealing with 19th century issues. Because people think they can just put a dollar in the basket at their local church, and last weekend in Vegas just magically disappears. Until a few years later his wife hits him with divorce papers. Its possible if we quit ignoring problems and deal with them immediately, then they won’t turn into gigantic catastrophes and we can carry on because we’ve already dealt with the issue from the start.

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