Blood sweat and tears… but mostly sweat.

I’ve been dealing with stress from work and at home. I decided to use the energy from my anger and put it into working out. I call it algebra because two negatives equal a positive. Everyday things just irked me. Housemates were lazy. My roommates dishes were stacking higher and higher. People at work would let things pile up. You know the not my job employees. “Well Tiffany had 3 days off, so she should have to do that stuff. Not me.” I honestly could fill an entire horror novel with how many ways I was thinking about murdering these incompetent… (Motivational Monday, focus on the positive!)

Anyway I went home and cleaned the entire house. I couldn’t believe I was angry cleaning like a 45 year old woman. But I remember in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, After the boy dusted the glassware the store owner told him he would have to feed him anyway because it said to help the needy in the Quran. The boy then asked, “Well then why did you have me clean that glass?” To which the owner replied because it needed cleaning and your spirit needed to be cleansed as well.

It kind of made me calmer, but I was still on edge and ready to snap at anyone responsible for the tiniest frustration. I had to get this chip off my shoulder. I went out for a walk, but I had a ton of energy. So I just ran until I gave in. It felt… really good. So I ran again this time holding it for longer. I would run until I was trembling and out of breath. When I got home I was able to relax. After my work out I came home to a clean house. I remember a friend way back when telling me exercise releases endorphins. The adrenaline makes you focus with pin point accuracy on the act of running alone. There’s no thoughts going through your head. Which is heaven in comparison to being pissed about the petty things. While adding to it from things from the past. I took a shower and went to sleep. I had only been getting a couple hours a night at this point.

I knew I didn’t want to brood any longer. So I kept at the exercise and realized it was releasing stress. So I kept working out. I would exercise 4 times a week. I would do push ups in my room, on the porch, in the backyard. I would keep up the running. I bought a boxing game for the switch. It’s actually pretty fun and makes you sweat. I wouldn’t rely on it alone if you are serious about losing weight or gaining muscle. But it does make you sweat and burn calories. I also did lunges, sit ups, crunches, and an arrangement of exercises with a 15 lb dumbbell.

I’ve continued to do all these exercises and I am now stress free. I make an exception for traffic. All of my hate goes into Austin’s ridiculous traffic. Otherwise I’m back to writing and reading. I’m much more loose, and free of negativity. So if your stressed remember to push your body. Which will push negative thoughts out of your head. Stress and negativity are an anchor for your body. You got one life. Do you really want to live it stressed and depressed, or fun and loose?

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