Diet is half the battle

I’ve been on the grind lately I’ve been looking for more energy and I’m trying to stay away from caffeine and sugar. I’d go out side power walking or running a mile around my neighborhood. Then I’d head outside to the backyard and do push ups and lunges. Then various exercises with a dumbbell. I’d do this for about an hour or two.

My body was feeling great, but I didn’t have the discipline to stay away from food I liked to eat. So I would do my exercise then eat. I could see in my shoulders, back, and biceps were getting bigger. What’s the problem? The Goddamn problem was I started exercising to get rid of a slightly bloated belly and it was still bloated. Standing at 6 foot 4 inches how ever much I ate stretched out so I was never really worried about it. I’m currently trying to do a lot which requires energy or fuel for the fire as I like to say. Its really not noticeable but before I was 6 foot 4 I was husky as hell. I’m sure a lot of it is just trying to please that chunky teenager inside.

I told myself, “No more eating out!” This changed a lot. I started cooking more which gives you the fake high of being more productive. (The sheer laziness of that sentence is upsetting) I find that I’m not bad in the kitchen. It’s simple but flavorful enough for a bachelor. After a while you realize your food tastes better then any chain of fast food restaurants. That helps me stay consistent. Plus I’ve been on a spicy kick as of late.

I can only speak for myself here but the fun part of cooking is the experimenting with what works for me. The reason I love doing photography and video is every day you walk out side and find different shots in your day to day life. That makes you appreciate your surroundings more. With food you get to play with what I thought would only be my taste buds. But it actually effected my whole body. 5 am I throw myself out of bed and do my routine. Instead of eating cereal, healthy kind or not. I chose grape fruit instead. I saw my roommates girlfriend always eating them. Earlier in the week I picked some up.

I felt a lot better then I normally did. A.) Because I did something different. Changing routine is always good. B.) Grape fruit contain antioxidants in them. They’re low in calories with a steady supply of nutrition.

I always eat Chicken breasts. I’m not an expert but from what I understand white meat is healthier for your heart then dark meat. I’ve been adding peppers and green beans, along with potatoes. Sadly at the age of 28 I’ve discovered that meals are better because you don’t constantly snack.

This is exactly why a healthy diet can reduce excess working out. I’m not saying stop trying to increase your workout goal. That’s how you gain muscle or keep the calories off. Keep doing your thing in the gym. A healthy diet will only increase those gains that much more. If you have vitamins and minerals, your consistently hydrated, you get enough sleep, plus you keep going beast mode in the gym. Your going to see results 4 times over. Rather then just doing the minimum. When has doing the minimum done anything for anybody. Beast mode!

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