Concurring an irritable disposition on life.

I know people with an irritable disposition on life. I know a lot of people in fact. Some with military backgrounds. Some who grew up in dysfunctional families. Some who can never seem to find love in themselves so they seek it in others. Developing codependency on people who mistreat them. Some who have never striven for more in their youth and live with the consequences in their old age. Some people were given nothing watching those with everything take the world by storm. Some who were given everything and told the world is theirs. Only to find that we are simply guests on this planet and must share these gifts amongst each another.

Everyone has a reason for why their life isn’t going as they see it in their minds. But if I’m speaking to some of those people now. Let me ask you this. Are you going to be a solution to any of your problems. Chipping away at them one at a time to better your self and your environment, or will you just keep pointing fingers, kicking, and screaming.

People are born knowing nothing. Through media and our environment we learn, and see examples, or gain ideas as to who we aspire to be or what to achieve. Myths of people haunt cynics because they believe they are such a rare commodity. In certain cases they are. So we idolize them. In reality these are just people who devoted their life to a specific passion. Sacrificing a social or private life.

I mean everyone loves Martin Luther King and Einstein. Right? Yet what we know is just quotes and achievements. The messy human part is looked over. They’ve become an idea. Einstein representing supreme intellect. Martin Luther King was a voice of reason for minorities in America.

Me and you could never obtain something like that. So what’s the point. Punch in, punch out. Do as your told. Spending half your life a sleep. The other half working. Then death. You play the lottery occasionally hoping, and praying. Knowing subconsciously you won’t win. You know you’re not alone, this is most peoples life. Who’s responsible for this? God, the government? Wrong. You’re the problem.

You choose to see life that bleak. “What about the third world countries?” People like to use as an example of our harsh reality. “Are you going to volunteer to feed them? Since you care about them so much.” No? You just want to turn them into martyrs. As an example of how shit everything is. That right there is the problem. We know how to solve all these issues or at the very least take a crack at them. But we don’t. We fuss, get pissed, moan, groan, and bitch about it all are lives, generations even. Yet it remains the same or we fall back in line.

Speaking for myself I try to see the positive in things. When I get into a mood and that doesn’t work. I try to use logic or commonsense. Most people look at life like a game of chess. Waiting on the results after each move. Well I worked really hard on that project why am I not rich?

I like to plant seeds while moving forward. When I give advice. I know most will ignore it because they just want sympathy not a solution. After trial and error they will realize their mistake and grow tired of it backfiring in their face. Whether the advice sticks or not isn’t relevant. Putting myself in their shoes and extending my hand is what’s important.

When I spend big money it isn’t on video games or clothes that make me appear to be someone I’m not. It’s on things of value. When I get groceries its fruits and vegetables that give me energy to get through the day. Protein to burn after I work out. Peanut butter cookies that satisfy my guilty pleasures. I invest in books to help me expand my story telling abilities, my imagination, as well as understanding the reality in which I live. As of recently I invested in a business as well. A small amount but it’s a start.

As I get older I stop trying to force things. If it’s going to happen it will. If not, keep moving forward and learn something from the situation.

Whenever I get off track from my goals or my mood dampens. I try to change my habits. Which, if I’m being honest with myself is a set ritual. Our bodies are made to adapt for a reason. It’s good to change pace. It doesn’t have to change drastically. Don’t freak out and buy a house if you make minimum wage.

Try foods you normally wouldn’t eat. Exercise using different techniques then normal. Smoke weed. Shhh you didn’t hear that from me. Maybe read a good book. Try a combo Smoke weed and read a good book. I’ve also noticed a perk in my attitude discovering new music. Updating those playlists for fellow introverts is a must.

It really doesn’t take much to change your perspective. It might seem like a major effort at first. Soon things will change. Realizing you aren’t trapped you’ll become less tense and more observant of your surroundings.

Being in the moment allows me to give whatever I’m focused on my full attention. Getting activities done as well as experiencing new things will make you feel accomplished.

Let’s go through the list.

  1. Everyone has problems. But are they fixable? Most of them, yeah.
  2. Speak your mind without expectations. You won’t always be right. You won’t always be heard.
  3. Don’t hold yourself to unrealistic expectations. Your a person with goals Everyone has goals. Which doesn’t mean settle for the lowest hanging of fruit either.
  4. Stop trying to find examples of how crappy the world can to prove you’re right. Those are just mental traps you set for yourself.
  5. Accept what is, and move forward.
  6. Change habits. Open yourself to new things.
  7. Best for last… Learn to love yourself. Once you stop being your own nemesis you’ll get the respect you want without the tantrums.

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