Desires as a Child vs. Desires as an Adult

When I was a child I had a lot of naive fantasies. My expectations now are more grounded and less ego centric. As a kid you don’t have the life experience to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Then: “Man, how cool would it be if someone saw my struggles and handed me the keys to a Lamborghini.” As if one of these rappers just hopped out of the TV. “I see you young blood.”

Now: “I hope my side hustle gives me enough pocket money just in case anything goes wrong with my Hyundai.”

Then: “I wish someone would run their mouth at me so I could shut them down in front of everyone!”

Now: “What a ridiculous thing to be angry about. By all means vent away if it makes you feel bold. You better humble yourself before you run into someone as angry or worse then you.”

Then: “I wish I won the lottery so I never have to work another shitty job again.”

Now: “I wish I won the lottery to retire my parents. I hate hearing them age. I want more then anything for my dad to rest so he isn’t in constant pain from over twenty years of physical labor.”

Then: “I wish people would recognize that I’m not worthless.”

Now: “I wish my brain would stop inviting intrusive thoughts that make me feel insignificant.”

Then: “I wish my mom would stop lecturing me!”

Now: “I hope my mom knows despite how much we use to argue that she’s loved.”

Then: “I hope I become successful.”

Now: “I hope my hard work allows me to one day reflect the potential that’s in my head. So I that I can clearly express myself doing what I love.”



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