Millennial’s stand up!

I was born in 1991. I didn’t have tablets or paper thin touch screen laptops. Internet was dial up, and Ethernet cords, no WiFi. Research was done with books not computers. We had computer labs but to me sifting through books and taking notes was more efficient.

MTV provided a wide variety of music videos. All the sub genres of Rap or rock that went on to be considered classics. The generation before us would say it would turn us into delinquents. Their mentality was, “If it’s not white, it’s not right.” If you didn’t read and everyone in your circle was dumb there was no magic search engine where you could fake being smart. It’s pretty crazy to think how much has changed between the ten years between us.

Baby boomers say Generation Z is soft, entitled and lazy. My generation and yours ruined everything. Everything? word. Meanwhile those in the 60’s and 70’s were on LSD at Woodstock. Hippies believed in a world without suffering. Sounds nice right? But in the midst of all their drugs and free love sex the 80’s came around the corner introducing crack and aids. So all the hippies put their clothes back on and got regular jobs just like their parents. putting away any belief that they could still change the world.

All the problems this country has had are at a boiling point and now, “we” have to deal with them. In 1904 Nikola Tesla spoke about electric cars. If you don’t know who Nikola Tesla is, look him up. Using the WiFi he discovered over 100 years ago. He invented 80% of the technology we use today. In 1904 Tesla was talking about an alternative fuel. But of course we had to evolve at a snails pace because just like today they didn’t want to sacrifice profit! J.P. Morgan and Edison are corporate snakes. They held us down for an entire century. The ripples from their greed still have an effect today. Just as many other corporations today are doing. Cough, oil Industry. Cough, Wall Street. Cough, pharmaceutical companies.

In 2004 Elon Musk became chairman of Tesla. He didn’t invent Tesla from the ground up. However he did notice a change was needed. Society was never getting on board of electric cars because they weren’t cool. So he changed their image and implored his competitors to see that the worlds Eco system was in danger. Tesla vehicles utilize Nikola Tesla’s AC motor, over one hundred years later! Because Edison went around killing all kinds of animals as a public performance slandering Tesla’s design for profit. Don’t worry there’s a happy ending folks. Nikola Tesla died penniless and alone. While Edison died with 12,000,000 million dollars in 1934.

Motorcycles, Housing market, racism, religion, politeness, you name it, we ruined it according to the media. I spent most of my early twenties raging against the machine. Which did very little to change anything. Because all I did was listen to music that said, “fuck the government!” You don’t have to hate the system, that’s a losing battle history has shown us. Just work around it. Bernie Sanders is not going to bring the change we need. The government moves too slow. The change we need comes from within. Change yourself, you can change the world. Be kind. Take care of those in your community. Keep studying the truth. Stay strong. Be an entrepreneur. Don’t put sugar and chemicals into your body. Exercise. We are young and we are naive, but that won’t stop us from making a better future.

I think it’s worth noting that you aren’t right %100 of the time. If no one is going to admit accountability. It should start with us. It’s always better to be on the side of truth.

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