“I’m a visual learner.”

I hear this from my friends who don’t read. You’ll hear this, followed by, “I read online a lot anyway.” Really? Because you have to read a stop sign That’s equivalent to reading Shakespeare.

I know this post is going to make me sound like an old man. That’s okay, because I’m pretty sure I was an old man when I was a child. I’m not an elitist towards people who think reading’s boring. I just think they haven’t tried to find any type of literature that speaks to them. A good writer can peer into your past, dig into your soul, and reveal deep truths about yourself that not even you were preview to.

I haven’t given up on writing short stories. (that are quality.) Please don’t give up on me. The struggle is real. But I will never give up! Like, Share, and follow for more writing tips and Monday motivation.

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