California Trip!

I love walking as I’ve mentioned a couple times before on this site. If you’ve never been to Texas just turn your heat on during the summer time. Bam, you’re there!

Walking in California was paradise. Warm enough to get a tan. Cool enough you didn’t sweat so much your… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I could walk for hours not a bead a sweat!

We were in a little town near Sacremento celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday. (I thought she was old when she turned half a century as a kid.) Tee-hee. I had an old fashioned whiskey. (see refrence picture above.) As well as the most wonderful 16 oz. New York steak and potatoe. This trinity of pure ecstacy made my heart stop. Seriously, it was rich and a lot, even for someone with my appetite.

My aunt was a wonderful host who provided snacks and margaritas and beer. I was initially not part of the plan. But I moved a bed and a couch. So I guess I made my self useful for 20 minutes out of the 3 days. 🤷‍♂️

We saw once ‘upon a time in Hollywood’ by Quentin Tarintino. My family loves movies. This was a must. My favorite part was the violent ending. I’m not a sicko there’s a reasoning behind it. One thing I’ve loved since I was a kid is watching my mom watch gory movies. She winces and puts her hand in front of her face. I don’t know why it has always amused me, but it has.

Then we saw another indie movie that was worth the watch, but I definently won’t see it again.

Then me and my mom packed up and left. It was nice since my plane had a stop at Phoenix airport. Which is where she was heading. So we got to see each other for a little bit longer.

Happy 60th birthday mom!🥳👏🍻

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