“Buy the ticket, take the ride.” -Hunter S. Thompson

I just purchased my first Hunter S. Thompson book called Hell’s Angels. Even though I’ve never read his work I knew of him through his notorious legend from documentaries. Which made me want to see the real life character. I watched the Charlie Rose interview and a couple of others.

He talked about not being able to sustain a job because of his hillbilly life style. His slurring words you could tell the years of drugs took their toll. I haven’t read enough of the book for a proper assessment. But what I have read has kept my eyes glued to the pages. I really like how in the beginning of each chapter would start with quotes from news articles. It really showed how concerning this motorcycle gang was in the sixties.

The first chapter he starts at fast pace and drags you along. He discussed the rape of two girls. I really like how direct his writing is. He didn’t hold back in his opinion of how fiendish the Hell’s Angels were. He called them dog killing rapists. As well as, (Paraphrasing) “They Leave blood and semen everywhere they went.” furthering the emphasis on their subhuman characteristics.

The humor blends in to the tone of the book so well you’re not quite sure if you’re suppose to be laughing or horrified. What brought me to this Sardonic Gonzo journalist is one of my favorite comedians Doug Stanhope. In my opinion Doug Stanhope is this generations Hunter S. Thompson. Both Doug and Hunter share a self destructive philosophy. Doug says in one special that he treats his body like a rental car. Hunter says, “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.

Theirs something incredibly morbid about both of these men. Yet, their unapologetic nature and boredom of mediocrity and sobriety has a unique charm. They’re brave enough to put a spot light on their lifestyle. They dive head first into the pool of hypocrisy and insanity that is this world. Emerging with stories that on some level if you’re honest with yourself, resonate truth on a dark level that no one seems to be comfortable enough to discuss.

Please like, follow, and share! Thank you for reading. I’ll follow up with a proper review once I’ve finished the book.


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