The Power of Words.

You ever hear someone speak a hollow declaration of how they want to accomplish something? “Hollow,” and “want,” are the key words in why you know they aren’t going take the steps to follow through.

My mom told me a story of how my grandma scolded one of her three children. “It’s not what you said, but the tone of your voice.” There’s many ways to understand what someone is saying. If you know there character words won’t convince you. To want something is not enough to deal with the landslide of obstacles one will have to deal with in order to obtain these goals.

I want a million dollar sports car. But I’m not about to devote my life to obtaining something so superficial. To need something and want are very different. Children want. They see something shiny and they’re given immediate pleasure. But to desire something so deeply that nothing will get in your way. That realization can change your life. When that person makes a declaration they will follow through.

When you hear your better half say “I get it!” With frustration in their voice. Over, “I understand and I’ll work on it.” Two very different things.

Back to the tone of voice. “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” This is also how you determine what someone is implying. Obviously you can’t tell 100% because they’ve shut themselves down and communicate with snarls. I can honestly say this is by far the most vexing person to attempt any semblance of communication with. It’s wrapped with sarcasm and scoffs. This person is immature. I pity parents, because it usually spews from teenage mouths. It’s best to let them cool off because you’ll never be able to interact with them.

People text letters abbreviating words making sentences seem more like code then actual dialogue. Language will continue to evolve regardless of what the previous generation thinks. For example I hate the word fleak.

According to George Carlin and Google there are over one hundred thousand words in the English language. All these beautiful words create dialogue in films. Lyrics to music. Intellectual but not very engaging text in text books. They create worlds in novels that people project using there minds. Words are one of the many things in life people fail to appreciate. The art of language is a beautiful thing. It can also be deadly. You’ve heard the expression, “The tongue is mightier then the sword.” Bullies force people to carry a weight for the rest of there lives with harmful words aimed directly or indirectly.

I don’t know how to seal this up into a profound ending that makes everyone think about how key communication is and reflect on how impressive it is that we went from drawing kindergarten drawings on cave walls to writing snobby reviews in cyber space.

We say, “I love you,” to our loved ones so ritually it means nothing until they’re no longer with us. Then we cherish it profoundly. Those are the last words anyone wants to hear on their death bed. Imagine how disheartening it would be to hear, “You can’t die…” Smearing tears a crossed their cheeks. “…you still owe me $20.” death is a constant making us really focus on what’s important. Before we meet the end of our life, I should hope someone who cares about me tells me they love me. Even if I know it. Or heard it after a million phone calls. To have your final moments cared for is sincerely humbling and sorrowfully beautiful.

I know I’m a nerd, so society can be turned off immediately by what I think is unique, but the thing people are rolling their eyes at right now… “That’s a chair. This is a lamp. I fold vibrational frequencies from my throat and mouth. Creating complex and enunciated noises, and some guy named Webster gives the seal of approval. Which come out of the mouths of people everyday who influence each other to keep society in a consistently evolving state it’s, like, whatever.” To me it’s endlessly fascinating.

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