Expectations for 2020

We’ve beaten the dates of a lot of post apocalyptic science fiction movies! We still don’t have flying cars, but we have made progress. This is what I expect from 2020!

I just quit my second job. In January or February I’m buying a Panasonic GH5 with a 100-300 mm lens and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Underneath the joy of becoming an entrepreneur, is a feeling that can be compared to when your sleeping in a lucid dream and you almost fall, as a precaution your body jerks it self awake. A side from the, am I good enough anxieties. I anticipate the journey to be an interesting ride.

working one job until I get clients means I get to go back to writing. I miss my ‘Becoming Super’ comic book characters. I also have ideas for short stories that I’d like to turn into e-books. Working 80 hours a week made that impossible but with my insomnia and one job I think I can flourish.

I’ve got my own place Jan. 12th! It’s only 2 miles from my job. It’s hard to write or edit or record with four people in this house. My roommate often has his girlfriend over who is always accompanied with her now 4 year old daughter. I’m not saying she should neglect her child so I can sleep and enjoy peace after a hard days work. What I am saying is you don’t get to take over the house and holler or slam doors when you don’t pay rent. End of story.

2018 was hard. 2019 was hopeful. 2020 feels life changing.

I hope you celebrated the end of the year with gusto my invisible friends. May the future bring more progress to your personal, spiritual, and a most concerning political climate. Happy 2020 everyone!



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