Power in the Individual

If you look at the statistics of humanity, we are incredibly disappointing as a species. We celebrate contributions from thousands of years ago. Complacently allowing time to pass. Considering portable video games, and google on most of our digital devices as achievements. Meanwhile woman cutting pieces of their face off to attain a definition of beauty that’s been set by people who financially profit off of their insecurities. As well as people being divided on skin color. Religious wars are still a thing. You’ve seen the news you already know. I know what you’re thinking. “This is not motivating at all!”

I feel like everyone buys into the one’s and zero’s of the system. Meaning we buy into the hype of job titles and are bank accounts. We forget our value because we’re playing a rigged game. We’re constantly skiing up a mountain. I listen to perfectly normal girls with body image issues complain endlessly about the things they hate about themselves. Patriots take pride in achievements they were never involved in. “If it wasn’t for us, the French would be speaking German.” World War 2 ended in 1945. You were born in 1989. Stop stealing grandpas thunder.

This is where an individuals power comes into play. There’s no need to attach yourself to ideologies that you don’t even believe in, but happen to be born into and just go along with. (Religion, racial or gender stereotypes, political views) As an individual you can explore and expand your consciousness beyond unfathomable leaps and bounds.

There’s no reason anyone should hate themselves for superficial reasons. Having a button nose and a big forehead isn’t a flaw. It’s a physical character trait. Which is no reason to pay the price of a car and have a guy grab his hacksaw.

If you’re ever in doubt of your self worth. Remember everyone has flaws. Everyone makes mistakes, big and small a like. The human body has an internal sewage system for heaven sake. People are gross. Even the supermodels. Who decay even faster then you. Due starving themselves and cocaine.

Despite are flaws is an unmistakable quest to learn, evolve, adventure beyond current surroundings. Never stop. Your circumstances will always change. Everything fluctuates. The ups and downs of life are an experience. Harshest to happiest. Allow yourself to step outside yourself and stop internalizing everything. You are unique. You are beautiful exactly as you are. Even still, continue to grow and challenge yourself.

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