Arrogance of Woke Culture

At this point you’ve met someone claiming to be a part of woke culture. It is not a movement in my opinion, but a trend. Stemming from collective ideologies who can’t think for themselves and claim they are ahead of society. Conspiracy theorists are no longer the minorities being led by people who believe the moon is made of cheese and the world is flat. That’s not to say these people are any more intelligent then they were back then.

I’m not writing to disprove their theories. I write this to inform them they’re not as smart as they claim. Remember just because you watch YouTube videos and claim to know more then anyone else. Is just like having a degree and claiming to be the smartest person in the room. Isn’t that the mentality you stand against.

After you paid a school to teach you a specific set of skills. Having these set of skills means that your knowledgeable. Based on America’s educational structure you’re “knowledgeable,” at best.

So these pompous woke people claiming fake news on every single thing that doesn’t line up with their beliefs. Using uneducated YouTubers to verify their theories and puts little to no research behind what they watch.

Alex Jones is an agent of fear. His followers harassed the parents of a girl who was murdered in school shooting. Because she was an actress. The fact that he screams and yells about things you should be afraid of and then sells his products to you. Which will prevent all government created diseases. Should be a red flag. He has a doctor on his program to verify the pills he sells are “authentic” nonpharmasuticals. He isn’t even a doctor. You might as well get the opinion of “Dr.” Phil!

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the government and religion as much as the next person. But woke culture is nothing more then a cool factor. The blind leading the blind. At the end of the day if you really want to beat the system. Stop pretending your intellectually superior, and just be a kind human. In your own way, apply your skills to help others.

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