Having the last word isn’t as satisfying as you usually think it is.

I’m… let’s call it opinionated. If giving your two cents, literally cost two cents I would be homeless. I think it’s due to an inferiority complex wrapped in stubborness. I’m learning to let things go. I word things more thoughtfully. Sometimes doing this feels unbearably fake. Also depending on who you’re talking to, what your…

When in doubt, follow your instincts.

There are things I’ve dreamed of doing that I didn’t think were possible. If it scares me I know I’m making the right choice. That’s how I know I really want it. My intuition is my compass. I walk knee deep in the muck. Pushing through the shrubbery until I see what I need to….

Giving your characters distinct dialogue

A criticism I have toward my writing is I can’t really help noticing my characters all speak the same. Stephen King says the reason he puts a lot of he said she said in his books is so the reader can tell who’s speaking. That’s a given. I’m talking about making characters sound authentic. I…

Pandering to the Audience

“It’s not the job of the artist to give the audience what they want. If the audience knew what they needed, then they wouldn’t be the audience. They would be the artists. It is the job of artists to give the audience what they need.” -Alan Moore  

Kindness is the Remedy for a Non-Confrontational Life

There’s a lot of reasons I ended up becoming an aggressive and direct person. I don’t care to stroll through memory lane as to why. Being direct is something I pride myself on. It’s a blue collar trait I’ve always admired. There’s no need to dance around a subject. Lets not speak in passive aggressive…