When in doubt, follow your instincts.

There are things I’ve dreamed of doing that I didn’t think were possible. If it scares me I know I’m making the right choice. That’s how I know I really want it. My intuition is my compass. I walk knee deep in the muck. Pushing through the shrubbery until I see what I need to….

Body Language

When I got into the workforce at the age of 13 I was always told, “hands out of pockets!” It really annoyed me. I had long arms I didn’t know what to do with. A home rule at least while I was living with my dad in the summer. “Get your elbows off the table.”…

“Do it when you’re young.”

When I was kid my dad was adamant about my posture, work ethic, and manners. I was put to work in a hot warehouse when I just turned 13. My mom told him how little I was trying in school. She shipped me off to live with him for a month. He worked seven days…

Get your game face on!

I’ve noticed a lot of people who have dreams let excuses get in the way. But if you work hard then those dreams will turn into goals, and those goals will be manifested from years of consistent labor. When I say hard work. I don’t mean doing your best. “I’ve got a mental disorder.” Mental…

Scenic Route

When I started writing I committed to the idea of trying to maximize my time into accumulating knowledge and eating healthier and exercise. I thought, “Surely I if take the same route as these guys I’ll get where I’m going quicker.” I did become happier, but I also felt like I had nothing to say….