Experiment with your reading material.

One of my greatest fears is being a one trick pony as a writer. It’s so easy to get comfortable in one style. At the same time being a jack of all traits and a master of none is scary too. I want to experiment while my brain is still learning. I just bought F….

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.” -Hunter S. Thompson

I just purchased my first Hunter S. Thompson book called Hell’s Angels. Even though I’ve never read his work I knew of him through his notorious legend from documentaries. Which made me want to see the real life character. I watched the Charlie Rose interview and a couple of others. He talked about not being…

“I’m a visual learner.”

I hear this from my friends who don’t read. You’ll hear this, followed by, “I read online a lot anyway.” Really? Because you have to read a stop sign That’s equivalent to reading Shakespeare. I know this post is going to make me sound like an old man. That’s okay, because I’m pretty sure I…

Scenic Route

When I started writing I committed to the idea of trying to maximize my time into accumulating knowledge and eating healthier and exercise. I thought, “Surely I if take the same route as these guys I’ll get where I’m going quicker.” I did become happier, but I also felt like I had nothing to say….

Ego Writing

A while ago I got a hardcover book by Alan Moore called Jerusalem. I have a few 900 page books. Which is intimidating if your not a reader. But this a whopping 1200 pages! If you know Alan Moore’s Graphic Novels, he’s like Philip K. Dick in the sense that he writes incredibly dense subject…